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Name AERTA FERHAM (thevineintervention, Old Sabra)
Rank pawn
LIVING Labyrinth monster :3c

human: a willowy young woman maybe approaching her 30s. Warm reddish skin with hella tats all over of plants and people and lizards. Bright green eyes and looooots of red hair that has living plants in it- pretty green vines with white blossoms sooo lovely. If her hair is up and her face catches the right angle, she looks a bit like Aeris.

dragon: big fatty fat fat green thing, about the size of a bull elephant. Bony horns on its head. Beefy front arms with nasty claw hands. Same vines growing out of every part of its body and somehow it sill has her pretty lady hair.

★ Fucking pretty much anyone
★ Trying a new kink
★ Getting someone high for the first time
★ Vore +++++
★ Regen play (giving +++) (receiving +)
★ Fatal sex ++
★ Causing harm to someone who outranks her
★ Hurting a non-human to protect a human +++
★ Obedience to a master +++
★ Hurting her master +++++
★ All objectives get a bonus if a "god" is involved


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Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Build: "Willowy" I believe is the term. Long limbed and not terribly curvy
Hair color: Red- also has bright green vines and little pink/white flowers
Eye color: Green
Marks/scars/tattoos: Many.
Any other general description: Has living vines growing through her hair. If you pay careful attention to her skin, there are other patches that are woody/plant-like, though she does her best to groom those away
OPTIONAL! Pimp your canon:

Special magical powers: Healing! Which is normally powered by her god, but away from her god is more limited and powered by her body
Special physical powers: High... drug tolerance....
Will ping others as: Partially a plant! Has a tiny, tiny bit of god blood, but really just enough to let the human and plant glue together. Also is A Tool and can Hear Fate
Things that ping me: People with strong ties to "fate" either through direct god fuckery or just through themes and purposes they can not escape
Maiming, Injury, Death?: prrrobably, she's not very good at defending herself
Fights, Romance, Fade to Boning?: OH HELLS YEAH
Player squicks/plzno: uhm uhm, not a lot that I think could come up regularly let's just talk o/
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Memory 2: Babby Brother Won from Sys button with four pushesVeeerrrrry early memory so it's pretty hazy to begin with. Hanging out with relatives (she is not really sure which) but then they take her back home and BABBY CAME OUT OF MOM'S TUMMY 8U 8U 8U.  Mom promised that they could be important to each other forever and that they could play together and that she could take care of him and BABBY BROTHER U8 U8 U8 U8 It looked like he didn't have an arm until Mom pointed out that there was a little bud of growth there and if they take care of it, it would grow beautiful and strong just like her hair and that seemed OK.

Remembers Mom, [Cobra] (in a positive light), Aaron
Mom being preggers was boring and dumb but that's OK because
sometimes people are missing parts of have different parts there and that is OK and normal but don't pull out their special parts because that is not a weed young lady '-'

Memory 3: Saving Dash won from Dragon jewelry five uses

Some girl from Vulpecula (land of scrappy nomads.  Lots of meat eatin', lots of monster-worshiping berserkers) went and challenged a river god. (a different river god from memory 1)  This went about as well as you'd think, and the girl was dying of phenomena when brought to her.  Aerta's god said WHELP HEAL THAT DUMB VULPECULA so she did.  Then when it recovered she was like "uhm, maybe you should ask things from gods instead of demanding them, sometimes they're not so bad" (<- lolololo this advice) and the girl ran off to do so.

This is one of the first memories of being heavily under Weaver's influence.  In her fist memory because it was something hedonistic, Weaver was kind of "ugh whatever 9.9" and got out of her head but for this one it was full on OBEY OBEY OBEY OBEY.  In this case, what she was instructed to do lined up with her own personal wishes, but she got the feeling that such was not always the case  and that she shouldn't get too used to it. So while it wasn't a bad memory, there were certain undercurrents of . . . futility? Powerlessness?  Even if she was regarded as a miracle worker.  HOWEVER!!! that being said, this is also the first memory she has that is recent enough that she fully remembers all the coping mechanisms she built up to deal with this. She remembers her cheery disposition, she remembers teasing and flirting and put-on irreverence.  So even in Thusia as she'll still have some of the naivete and over-obedience she started with, she will act much more herself.


Remembers Dash and vague thoughts of assorted other local gods
Remembers healing
Remembers being controlled when she healed (and in other aspect of her life)
Remembers teasing and irreverence and flippancy 

SHE WON'T BE ABLE TO EXPRESS THESE THINGS until she regrows her cheer from Sys's game but then she will wake up one morning spontaneously having grown a personality. SO THAT'S COOL.


Nov. 3rd, 2012 12:26 pm
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Sig Pos Her first ritual orgy!

Bow chicka bow wow )


- awkward teenage sexual awakening!?
- Remembers sex, that she likes sex, and that sex is a thing she seeks out and that sometimes sex is very very important
- She also likes parties 'v'
- It was hard to say "I want" but that was true about going to the ritual
- Aunt Milf
- There was a tension over the party- it was a party, but they needed to do the party right that was important
- cats have barbed dicks and that's probably bad

- sex '3' ♥
- little boost in ability to have an express personal desire
- solid flavor of her homeland
- solid respect for higher beings especially sexy ones
- all important knowledge that catboys are not fine too
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SO AERTA WAS OWNED IN THE FACE BY THE GODDESS OF DESTINY which makes her attuned to other people that have strong fates/purposes/soforth. She is sensitive to "threads" or the pieces that bind a person to their path. So basically she will be able to feel minor things about characters that are on a path they can't change (even if you're from a canon where the whole point is that you can change it, but these won't ping quite as hard.)

She's not going to be able to tell people things about their lives, nor would she really want to if she could, but it will just be something that intrigues and draws her.

But if you would ping, and you would like a flower girl creeping on you, you may comment bellow!
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Read more... )

I NOW OPEN THE FLOOR TO QUESTION MEME tho I am working so I'll be slow and also you are not required to read that hot mess up there to drop in a "do u liek me"
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CHALLENGE MODE FOR ME I will not be asking anyone straight-up relationship questions.  In fact I'm going to try to go with "five things" memes since I like that one.
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Oh no I want to Gilessay too '-'

Also in advance I apologize to the other Lacerta players because I uh. There is a lot of oldlacerta headcanon in here and IF ANY OF IT DOESN'T JIVE PLZ TELL ME. /).(\ also as always I also apolgize that it is in the most incoherent jumble of thoughts

Aerta on Kings and ~most important persons~ and free will and terrible people and individual pleasure versus harmony )
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Except mostly I have a hankering to sort characters into Sabra teams/nations.

If you didn't play/stalk Sabra, there were 17 regular teams (plus one special enforcement team split three ways). Each team tended to have a general personality you can reads about here.

Those sixteen teams were also the basis of the sixteen nations of the world's history. (ICly it's the reverse of that: the old nations were the basis of the teams.) You can see info on the nations here. Basically every nation was it's own super special snowflake, from the Steampunk Atheist Bibliocracy, to ~Crystal Towers~ full of sketchy political intrigue, nomadic desert mages, crazy swamp jerks, THERE ARE MANY OPTIONS.

ANYWAY IF YOU COMMENT HERE I will sort your character(s) into teams and/or nations at your preference. (Normally a team and nation would have the same answer buuuuut)

Also I will then ask you a question I guess. I just want to do some Sabra sorting y'all.
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SO AERTA MADE A DEAL WITH GER and is having a hard time remember how to an human. Hoooooray, yeah her plant nature has totally taken over her brain.


- She will not be moving/walking on her own much unless heavily prodded into it, and she is capable of it but will grumble and won't like it
- actually won't be responding much unless people intentionally seek her attention
- keeping her (bare) feet in soil as much as possible
- totally sprawling out and overgrowing whatever she is left on '-' oops sorry apartment C. Just when you thought you were done with this shit. Right now she is on the kitchen table but frankly will be just as happy if you like. lean her against a wall or something. Or get her a pot to sit in.
- and yes will continue to bother people for fish emulsions and other robust fertilizers. Maybe some ash if she feels like it later :|a
- if you ask her how she's feeling she will tell you about the soil quality. she does not seem to be in the least distressed regarding her current state
- SHE CAN IN FACT STILL HEAL because it's the plant part of her that has that ability. Just ask her and she's perfectly willing and capible

SO YES YOUR WHITE MAGE IS A HOUSEPLANT FOR A WHILE And for all that she's pretty sedate, she doesn't really seem to be minding!! Feel free to handwave anything you want with her until the night of the 31st/32nd morning.
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So Aerta is part flora, genetically. How does that work you may ask? Well, when a lady and a tree love each other very much . . .


Yes. Well no I am sure there is a very long origin myth about the Ferham's line, which someday probably I'll write! But for now I'm just compiling headcanon regarding the ramifications of having not-entirely-human anatomy.

I hope no one expected me to take the completely seriously )

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OK!!! FINALLY ESSAYING ON AERTA!!!! This shit is going to be so incoherent but whateverrrrr I will get it down on that page LIKE A WINNER.

World/God/Country background stuff )

Aerta's curse and how she dealt with it )


My god that is TL;DR as hell. AND ALSO I HIT 1000 COMMENTS so this is also a question meme that I will actually answer this time. You can re-ask from the last one if you like I won't judge you :|a
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OK FINE I WANT TO DO A QUESTION MEME. I will poke at it from work yessssss.

CHALLENGE MODE: ask me a question about characterization that is not a relationship meme, particularly regarding motivations or reactions to a certain IC event. If you pick the challenge option, I will respond in kind!
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Name: Lady
Personal Blog:[profile]
Other Characters at Thusia: None yet
Plurk: [personal profile] laserdragon
IRC Nicks: Lady, ideally all the time
Timezone and Usual Activity: PST, but I work from 2PM-12AM M-F and sometimes on weekends, so it can be closer to Japan time on occation
Preferred Method?: Anything listed is fair game


Name: Aerta Ferham
Age: 24
Sex: Female.
Eye/Hair Color: Green eyes, auburn hair, pink flowers, green leaves
Height/Weight: man idk
Other: See the flowers in her hair? Thems is PART OF HER HAIR, kids. Feel free to notice or comment, or to assume that it's just a really pretty decoration! It's generally ambiguous looking. There are also some rough, bark-like patches to her skin. She also has hella tattoos which do not show up in her icons because I'm not that cruel.


Pings Sensed/Pings Emitted: ~Destiny~, part plant, healer ETA: Now has ~something dark~ inside her (hint: it's a dragon)
Weird Soul Stuff: was the tool of a god for a while, DARKNESSS
Mind reading?: sure! You can see she's been through some heavy stuff and is trying her damndest to still enjoy life and the beauty around her. 
Touching? aaabsolutely
Sex?: probably, yes
Fighting?: <s>Nooooo, she is solidly a White Mage. Don't hit the white mage what's wrong with you</s> GENERALLY NOW if she is in physical threat she will turn into a dragon.  This can be avoided if we talk though! 
Torture?: uhm, let's see how things go
Death?: POSSIBLY? A solid maybe.
Squicks: Naw. If you're worried about it, ask me, and if I'm worried about it, I'll ask you o/
Fourth-walling?: No thank you
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